31 December 2006

Hi everybody, welcome to the realm of good, rare 70's sounds.

Enjoy a trip to NY, Rio or even Warsaw, all linked by the amazing burst of creativity that marked one of the richest decades in modern music history: the seventies.

The music offered here is not commercially available and is aimed at collectors and music lovers looking for an insight into 70's forgotten music.


J Thyme...kind said...

I agree that the 70's is a real peak for music. Come say hello. I found you through Loronix.

per said...

Nice nice nice! The 70's rule. Count me in as a regular.

BoyRed said...

Spent time on this blog today and your postings directly at soundcloud. You have captured the real 70's era in music and your choice of tracks - thank you very much - I will return here again and again - more please!