27 January 2009

I love when labels start digging 70s mastertapes archive and release precious remastered 70s material, with a cristal sound

Sounds of the 70s will always support initiatives of that sort, this month it is time to advertise one of THE compilation of 2009 (the year starts well!)

A new BGP compilation that Dustry Groove rightly describes with these words:

"One of the hippest sets we've ever seen on Spanish Harlem - a collection that goes way past the Latin Soul hits, to dig deep in the uptown underground at the end of the 60s! The package is compiled with gems from the Fania catalog, but rally moves past the obvious - going for some of the more obscure artists who recorded singles for some of the smaller Fania-held labels -- and often focusing on tunes that drew more from late 60s soul and funk than they did from any Latin rhythms of the time"

Soul of Spanish Harlem
Beautiful soul music from the heart of Spanish Harlem 
(BGP 2009)

Grab this great CD, nice package, inserts and CD sound! really good work...

10 January 2009

I think it is clear to everyone that 2009 will be a tough year. A great part of the 70s music was made in an economically depressed time after the october 1973 crisis. Well: music doesn't need big bucks to flourish we all know that (except the majors of course...)

Here is a good crisis pain killer, the usual good stuff delivered here at soundsofthe70s, rare and soulful, @320kbps.
This 1998 compilation is made in France by a small Djs label called SuperClasse, not remastered but well recorded. Tracks range from Bossa to Samba funk, all we love.

Superclasse presents Brazil 60's 70's vol.1
Bossa nova, Braziliand beats, Samba funk (1998) - 320kbps mp3


João Donato

Noa Se Acabou


Dave Grusin

Captin Bacardi


Ricardo Marrero & The Group

Un Sabor Latino


Osmar Milito

Mudei De Idea


Carlos Penha




Vem CA Minima


Sergio Mendes Trio

Muito A Vontage


Quintito Violado



Bossa Rio

Que Pena


Ana Mauricio

Figa De Guine



Pisa No Toboado


Os Caretas

Nega Do Abaluae


A Fantastica Bateria

Tratado De Ritmo 3