17 July 2010

Times are changing...

I felt like like compiling 70s tracks talking about changes, all sorts of changes, sentimental, cultural and social...

Past only become past when changes occur, individuals, people and nations must constantly evolve (and learn from their mistakes). The idea of progress, change, is actually what defines History and gives it a direction either good or bad.

Only dumbs and loosers never change their mind and opinions. Anyone should reconsider its lifestyle, opinions etc on a regular basis and embrace C.H.A.N.G.E.S.

Soundsofthe70s.blogspot presents 70s rare groove made of change

1 Marlena Shaw - Pictures and memories - Disco
2 Esther Phillips - Changin' - Modern Soul
3 Clydie King - Long Road Ahead - Soul
4 James Brown - New Breed - Funk
5 Betty Lavette - Waiting For Tomorrow - Soul
6 Lonnie Smith - It's Changed - Jazz
7 Charles Kynard - Change up - Acid Jazz
8 Ralph Robles - Yesterday - Latin
9 Jimmy Sabater - Times Are Changin' - Latin
10 Black Sugar - The Dawn Of My Madness - Latin
11 High Inergy - We Are The Future - Soul
12 Brown sugar - I'm Going Through Changes Now - Disco
13 The Eight Minutes - Looking For a Brand New Game - Disco
14 Brian Auger's Oblivion Express - Change - Funk
15 Janinha - Amanhã - Brasil
16 Balança Povo - Novo Dia - Brasil - Funk
17 Brazilian Singers - Um Frevo Novo - Brasil - Samba

Teasers :

Marlena Shaw - Pictures and memories (1977)

p.s.: I know we are all very busy and short of time, but take some to share comments. I appreciate to understand what is behind the thousands of downloads of the individual tracks or compilations.

03 July 2010

From the 1975 album The legendary zing album by the Trammps, one of these monster tracks with a built-in groove that smoothly builts up again and again.
Note that this LP is considered the first Disco LP ever edited, by the band who would later sing the huge Disco Inferno.

"Prior to their disco fame the Trammps released Rubber Band as a single in 1975 on Buddah a real soul gem that has featured on more than one occassion in modern hip-hop.

It was sampled as the basis for the Game’s release ‘Hate It Or Love It’ getting re-worked & chopped-up by the legendary production team of Cool & Dr.Dre. J Dilla used it for ‘Dilla Says Go’ from Donuts."

Trammps - Rubber band (edit)
Buddah records 1975

4 years and half later (yet...) Sounds of the 70s shows 400.000 hits and not a single file deletion. This is why you won't find big hits here, music is free, rare and good (occasionaly...)

stay tuned