28 May 2011

Disco jazz funk at its best...

Webster Lewis - Touch my love (1978)

26 May 2011

I guess I have not much to comment here, this is just PURE soul...

Martha Reeves & the Vandellas - I Want You Back (1971)

21 May 2011

Feeling like New York Chinatown in 1977? Here you are, from a Latin Funk perspective !

Jose Mangual - Chinatown (1977)

20 May 2011

Great track by Lamont Dozier, and funky edit by DannyBlue

Lamont Dozier - Ain't Never had it so good 1981 (DannyBlue Edit)

14 May 2011

Fantastic uplifting track by this great DISCO FUNK act, made famous with the classic Love isn't really my game

Brainstorm - Hangin'on (Tabu records 1977)

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06 May 2011

I have so much energy to spend that I felt like passing on some of it to you guys (and girls) who have been following me in the past months/years

This hard to find track should do... loud playing recommended,

Voyage - I love you dancer (instr.) 1981

01 May 2011

Short notice to announce that more the blog has passed the 500.000 hits, slowly but surely !

There has been remarkably few file deletion due to the fact that all the tracks posted here are 100% out of print, which makes the blog so special and vintage !