28 September 2007

The 70s were mostly an horrible decade in many aspects, especially in politics (watergate, pinochet, pol pot, idi amin dada, the list is dam long...), but one thing is sure : amazing creativity emerged despite, or against, all this. Humans are mostly optimistic and only remenber good things (sometimes they regret it..) DISCO will be remembered from this decade, and it's easy to understand. Check this. Strings all over the place, amazing druming. I think this track is a re-edit from the track by The Atlanta Disco Band (that involves 70s legend Earl Young from MFSB, Salsoul Orchestra and more. (I actually don't have this lp yet, though it's on this way).

Os sententas foram uma decada terrivel em muitos aspectos, sob todo em politica (watergate, pinochet, pol pot, idi amin dada, a lista e grande...), mas uma cosa e certa : creatividade increivel saiu, apesar o contra isso. Os homens são inclinado a ser optimistos e apenas lembram das cosas boas (a vezes se arrepentem) DISCO e o que lembra-se desta decada, e nao surpreende. Confiram isso. Violão en todos lados, bateria fantastica. Acho que esta faixa e um re-edit da faixa da banda The Atlanta Disco Band (que tem como baterista Earl Young a lenda do MFSB, Salsoul orchestra e mais..)

Philly jams vol.1
buckhead (extended edit)
from The Atlanta Disco Band ?

raw disco !
turn the volume up

(there is a vinyl click at the beginning,
you can still take it off if you feel like doing you're own re-edit..)

any comments ?

16 September 2007

Enough with the Ipod, Iphone and Apple !!!

sometimes i have the feeling that the only thing people discuss on the net or the press is the latest apple gadget, ipod/phone/stuff/geek whatever..

ok i got an ipod, and really it's just a pratical machine but is is worth so much attention, articles, fuss ??

Our culture has much more to offer than materialism, and the 70s are here to remind you that! Content will always matter more than anything engineers and marketers will imagine!

15 September 2007

Another famously "dj-recycled" 70s disco bomb. Pete Heller sampled this one in this Big Love theme in 1999, making dance millions of ignorant hedonists who thought they were leaving in a time of fantastic musical creation !..

Outra bomba dos 70s que foi reciclada por Djs. O PeteHeller fez um sample dela na sua faixa Big Love em 1999, fazendo bailar millares de hedonistos ignorantes que pensavão viver num periodo de grande criação musical !..

08 September 2007

When it comes to 70' dancefloor sounds some tracks crossed time more than others, often thanks to Djs reviving them. "Street player" by the band Chicago is one of them. The track is a wonder that really doesn't get a wrinkle, and Kenny Dope knew it when he re-edited it through the Bucketheads project in 1995.
The strange thing is that Chicago was more a Pop-rock band than a Disco-funk band.. god knows what happened to them that day!

My personal contibution to that amazing track is this 124bps dancefloor Paul Raymond edit from the 12".

Umas faixas dancefloor do 70s atraversaram o tempo mais que otras, muitas vezes pelos Djs queas ressuscitaram. "Street player" da banda Chicago faz parte dessas. A faixa e uma maravilha quem não envelhece, e Kenny Dope o sabia quando fez o re-edit dela com o projeito Bucketheads em 1995.
A coisa rara e que Chicago era mais uma banda Pop-rock que Disco-funk.. Apenas deus sabe o que lhes aconteceu este dia!

Minha contribuçao pela faixa mitica essa e o 124kbps dancefloor edit do Paul Raymond da 12" versão.

Street player by Chicago
124bps dancefloor Paul Raymond edit
320 kbps LAME mp3 from 12" vinyl

04 September 2007

Time to advertise the amazing label FAR OUT, from the UK (again). Their great merit : to have resucitated one of the greatest 70s band ever, Azymuth. They just released the 1975 lp, the first by the band + a remix cd which is simply the greatest honour to the orginal cd that could be made. All tracks from the orginal cd are amazing, and remixes are just magic.

FAR OUT has a clean online shop where you can buy the cd or the mp3 files in 256kbps. You can pay VISA or Paypal. It's great, legal, and works fine.

While e-shopping, go check the latest Antonio Adolfo, Destiny, it's another really killer album that deserves attention.

02 September 2007

You all know my passion for the 70s sounds and arts. I have decided to share it through mixed compilations, as I think they are the best way to make you feel my way of seeing that period as a time of exclusive musical enchantment.

Voceis ja sabem da minha passão pelos setentas. Decidei compartilha-a com mixagems que achou são o melhor jeito de fazer eles ver como eu veo este periodo, como um tempo de criação musical unica.

sound visions of the 70s vol. 1
a mr B selection of vintage grooves - mixed
mp3 256kbps

  1. Walter Murphy - Dancin’
  2. David Snell – International flight
  3. Evie Sands – One thing on my mind
  4. The blackbyrds – Dreaming about you
  5. Tamiko Jones – Can’t live without your love
  6. The counts – Latin disco
  7. Gwen McGrae – All that love I’m giving
  8. Alan Hawkshaw – Moody
  9. Southside movement – I’ve been watching you
  10. Reverend Julius Cheeks – Nobody’s fault but me
  11. Traffic sound – Inca snow
  12. Patato & Totico – Mas que nada
  13. Azimuth – Tema de Maria Helena
  14. Erasmo Carlos – Aquarela do Brasil
  15. Edson Frederico - Sacode carola
  16. Tim Maia – Sossego
  17. Di Melo – Pernalonga
  18. Jorge Ben – Errare humanum est

enjoy pure 70s pleasure