11 February 2007

Bom dia everybody

today a funky post from brazil again with a rare and funky lp : Avan Samba. this is the only LP from this band, dated 1975, from Tapecar Gravaçoes Rio. Ripped at 320kbps from original LP. Check the killer track Ibere !

hoje un post de funky samba com um lp bem raro y bem funky : Avan Samba. Este lp e o unico dessa banda, de 1975 em
Tapecar Gravaçoes Rio. Gravado em 320kbps do lp original. Olha a bacana faixa Ibere!

01 Grilo no asfalto
02 Essa mulata
03 Salada de bicao
04 Extra-extra
05 Conclusao
06 Ibere

07 Por uma razao de amor
08 Menina do baile
09 Quero sambar quero sorrir
10 E isso ai mangueira
11 Meia noite meio dia
12 Na virada da montanha

cover artwork : by the mighty Zecalouro from Loronix

Enjoy : here

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zecalouro said...


Fantastic post. I have been tracking down this LP for many months with Mr. D&C. He will be amazed with it.

I'm now downloading and I hope you made nice cover artworks on that.

May I show this cover and link you at Loronix? So people can come here to get it.



Mr Bapt. said...

as for the artwork, i'll change it soon as i can..

Mr. D&C said...

Damn great to see this album here.
Muchas gracias a Barcelona. Que tengas un buen fin de semana y muchos saludos der Berlin.

Mr Bapt. said...

yeah i love this lp, i play capoeira and the ibere track is a real thrill, one of the rare funky samba track with good berimbau in it..

leCurLing said...

hello baptiste
my english is bad but i can said your blog is very sympathic and i love your funky samba
see you l@ter

Francisco said...
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jön said...

hey, great post...this album is awesome.

thanks brother

J Thyme...kind said...

Very nice post! Thank you for sharing!

J Thyme...kind said...

More Samba!

flageolette said...

Great album,
awesome post

thank you!

Anonymous said...

such an excellent album here, but i can never find the record! the last time i saw it was at superflyrecords, i wish i bought it, it was only 55 euros!

djmario said...

Actually, Avan Samba have got at least one other LP. As for this one, i've got my copy :)