22 July 2007


stop buying products

  • that directly pollute (SUVs, McDonalds and the junk food industry, canned drinks etc..)
  • that need remote shipping (=additional pollution + unemployment at home)
  • that are over-wrapped with tones of plastic, cardboard etc..
  • that are disposable for no good reason (do you need to go to f... ing Starbucks Coffee that invented un-ecological coffee?!..)
  • that cannot be recycled (but that's not enough as recycling generates pollution too)
  • that are made and sold by companies that show little concern with ecology (so many I know..)
=> big corporations will change their approach of doing business only when their sales will start to decline because people avoid their non-ecological products and ethics

Things haven't changed since the first 70's ecological leaders opened their mouth, it's urging that we citizens take full responsability


I know said...

Cool! I like people that think that mankind was at it´s best in the seventies. People like you are naive in a nice way. Usually are peaceful people and Í am peaceful too. I used to think the same, but sometimes I would think the best time was in the Belle Epoque. Anyway, the only thing I´m REALLY SURE is that the 90´s were THE MOST VULGAR PERIOD for mankind.

J Thyme...kind said...

Yea Mr.B, Most men are going bald in their mid 20's & no one seems to make the connection to the EXCESS of CARS & the hole in the ozone. Also, they're destroying the rainforest which are the LUNGS of the planet. Have you seen they way there are more & more ads on TV for DRUGS. They banned cigarette companies from selling on TV some 40 years ago. I think it's time to do same thing with drug companies. Get angry people or to quote "Network", "I'm as mad as hell & I'm not gonna take it anymore".

ron said...

I am now officially Green!

Anonymous said...

people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones , i.e. computers are the most un-green thing around , wake up and stop preaching for nothing

Anonymous said...

Amen Brotha..

This whole green energy kick is about 35 years late but better late than never. Thanks for supporting it.

RaPhAo said...

I'm from France and i'm glad to see that people from everywhere are starting to wake up.We finally start thinking about the earth wich without we wouldnt be alive.

Anonymous said...

USA is going down pal. You'll be lucky to own a push-bike.

Anonymous said...

that' s right!
peace and love from France