28 September 2007

The 70s were mostly an horrible decade in many aspects, especially in politics (watergate, pinochet, pol pot, idi amin dada, the list is dam long...), but one thing is sure : amazing creativity emerged despite, or against, all this. Humans are mostly optimistic and only remenber good things (sometimes they regret it..) DISCO will be remembered from this decade, and it's easy to understand. Check this. Strings all over the place, amazing druming. I think this track is a re-edit from the track by The Atlanta Disco Band (that involves 70s legend Earl Young from MFSB, Salsoul Orchestra and more. (I actually don't have this lp yet, though it's on this way).

Os sententas foram uma decada terrivel em muitos aspectos, sob todo em politica (watergate, pinochet, pol pot, idi amin dada, a lista e grande...), mas uma cosa e certa : creatividade increivel saiu, apesar o contra isso. Os homens são inclinado a ser optimistos e apenas lembram das cosas boas (a vezes se arrepentem) DISCO e o que lembra-se desta decada, e nao surpreende. Confiram isso. Violão en todos lados, bateria fantastica. Acho que esta faixa e um re-edit da faixa da banda The Atlanta Disco Band (que tem como baterista Earl Young a lenda do MFSB, Salsoul orchestra e mais..)

Philly jams vol.1
buckhead (extended edit)
from The Atlanta Disco Band ?

raw disco !
turn the volume up

(there is a vinyl click at the beginning,
you can still take it off if you feel like doing you're own re-edit..)

any comments ?


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Ahmir said...

Tremendo Blog man, gracias por compartir some seventy´s gems :)

agregado a mi blog, espero entiendas algo de español :P

stay blessed!

Mr B said...

Thanks Ahmir, let's keep this alive

Reemycks! said...

I did nt think any body was hip to this. I been bangin this joint for about 10 yrs.

Anonymous said...

can someone seed it again?

many thx and much compliments...great place ;-)))