08 September 2007

When it comes to 70' dancefloor sounds some tracks crossed time more than others, often thanks to Djs reviving them. "Street player" by the band Chicago is one of them. The track is a wonder that really doesn't get a wrinkle, and Kenny Dope knew it when he re-edited it through the Bucketheads project in 1995.
The strange thing is that Chicago was more a Pop-rock band than a Disco-funk band.. god knows what happened to them that day!

My personal contibution to that amazing track is this 124bps dancefloor Paul Raymond edit from the 12".

Umas faixas dancefloor do 70s atraversaram o tempo mais que otras, muitas vezes pelos Djs queas ressuscitaram. "Street player" da banda Chicago faz parte dessas. A faixa e uma maravilha quem não envelhece, e Kenny Dope o sabia quando fez o re-edit dela com o projeito Bucketheads em 1995.
A coisa rara e que Chicago era mais uma banda Pop-rock que Disco-funk.. Apenas deus sabe o que lhes aconteceu este dia!

Minha contribuçao pela faixa mitica essa e o 124kbps dancefloor edit do Paul Raymond da 12" versão.

Street player by Chicago
124bps dancefloor Paul Raymond edit
320 kbps LAME mp3 from 12" vinyl


SoulFunkLifestyles said...

Chicago's "Street Player" is an exceptional. Works magic on the dancefloors.

A rare thing to is that it has two hella-fire breaks. The percusions breakdown near the middle and the 2nd break near the outro. That second break is one of the DIRTIEST & funkiest I've ever heard on a tune.

SoulFunkLifestyles Universally Converging !!!

SoulFunkLifestyles said...

This is the original version I'm speaking about here. This is one tune that doesn't need a remix or edit. The original 12" version is damn near perfect the way it is.

SoulFunkLifestyles Universally Converging !!!

Mr B said...
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Mr B said...

you're right man, the original is perfect i know..

i really love the end of the drum and percusion break at the middle-end, when the 2nd guitar shortly send funky rifs, oh, delicious 70s !!!

le yéti said...

Hi thanks for this post. Your blog is so groovy, i'm looking forward to future posts.

you're on my sidebar , see you.

le yéti said...

Hi and thanks for this post, this blog is so groovy, i am looking forward to future posts.

you're on my sidebar, see you ;)

Kléssius Leão said...

Outro dado interessante: uma das faixas desse disco foi composta por Marcos Valle e Peter Cetera, com o qual o brasileiro fez mais outras parcerias.
"Street Player" é sensacional, uma da smelhores faixas disco de todos os tempos, mil vezes melhor do que o remix de Kenny Dope.