21 March 2008

Sounds of the 70s mix

70s best sound crops, carefully packed by mrB

Julie Driscoll Brian Auger

Season Of The Witch

Freda Payne

I get high (on your memory)

Baby Huey

Hard Times


Loosen Up

Erasmo Carlos

E Proibido Fumar

Tito Rodriguez

Mi Guajira Si

Pete Rodriguez

Pete's Boogaloo

Sylvia Vrethammar

Blasvart Samba




It's Over Now

Webster Lewis

Song Of Joy

The Beginning Of The End

Pretty Girl

Willie Colón

MC2 (Theme Realidades)

Som Imaginário

Tema Dos Deuses (Milton Nascimento)

Elias Dia Kimuezo

Zum Zum

Sebastiao Tapajos


In this selection I tried to pack a condensate of 70s blends, as a rich coffee or champagne would do. These sounds should excite your senses (and your 70s nostalgia), at least for the time of the listening.

Nessa seleçao experimentei condensar uma mistura de som 70s, como no cafe o no champagne. Estes soms deveriam exitar seus sentidos (e sua nostalgia dos 70s), ao minimo para a duraçao do disco.

enjoy, leave comments

Post-scriptum 1: due to volume variations between tracks, i recommend the use of the sound levelling feature in itunes.

Post-scriptum 2 : this compilation will celebrate soon the 100.000th visitor...
Big thanks for your support to keep the 70s alive


Mr B said...
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Søren said...

Great Music man

K said...

Awesome mix, as ever! Keep posting these compliations, they make my day.

Dj Spox said...

Thanks - thats one great post
Thaks for the inspiration in music

yesyesyes said...

I'd listen to it 100000 times THANKS!!

donjenaro said...

superb !