07 December 2008

What it is! funky soul and rare groove (1967-1977)

Sounds of the 70s recommends this great 4cd box as a splendidly packaged christmas gift of juicy rare groove, digitally remastered

extract from the publisher website (Rhino):

"A four-CD, 91-track compendium that would take incalculable hours to assemble from dusty bins at disappearing record shops, What It Is! is culled mainly from the treasure-filled vaults of Atlantic, Atco, and Warner Bros. Records. It's an unprecedented shadow history of funk, pulling together rare sides from well-known artists and definitive grooves from less-known but supremely gifted masters of the art form.

Deluxe packaging houses a massive booklet with rare photos, liner notes, and track-by-track commentary."

Grab it for less than 40€ on amazon.co.uk


yoshime* said...

very good compilation! and very interesting blog! I'm dowloading a pair of records and will tell u later.

good luck, keep it up!

Martin said...

great compilation! I absolutely adore the 70s unlike the rubbish out there these days.

I was wondering whether I could promote your site on my blog in exchange for some promotion on yours. We both have similar blogs.

Just give me a buzz.



Drew Freeman, RPh said...

Wouldn't it be funny if someone ripped this CD, put it on rapidshare nd posted the URL? I like the CD, The price... well... that's why people post so much recycled music online. If the price were $5 per CD or 10 cents/song, there would be less market for downloading. How much does it cost record companies to just put old, out of print albums on a hard drive and charge a $1 and album. Hey.. they're not making money now and it costs nothing to just put something online.