08 June 2009

Natural break at Sounds of the 70s : a deep breath of naturally funky tracks from the 70s

Hi folks. Here is another set of dusty tracks from the golden era, and a reminder about

the total urge to become responsible and respectful concerning mother nature.


=> Ban products that directly or indirectly produce excessive or useless waste, especially PLASTIC, the worst of all packaging material

=> Recycle as much as you can

=> Be judgmental about people who don´t recycle or live by rules respectful of nature. Yes indeed, social pressure works on humans!

Then if you share these values, I wish you a good break too, and this comp might help:

1 - Paul Kuhn - Sunny
2 - Killin' time - Natural Essence
3 - Lavern Baker & Jimmy Ricks - You're The Boss
4 - Original Cast Recording - A New Generation
5 - Roberto Delgado - Hawaii Five-O
6 - Orquestra América Romântica - Tequila
7 - Marcos Valle - Democústico
8 - Eddie Cano & His Quintet - Brown & Blue
9 - Typical Ted - Ted Curson
10 - Commodores - Girl, I Think The World About You
11 - Rena Scott - We can make it better
12 - The Meters - It Ain't No Use
13 - Jeremy Steig - Temple Of Birth
14 - Nate Morgan - Mother
15 - Dizzy Gillespie & Lalo Schifrin - Ozone Madness
16 - orlando julius & his afro rounders - igbehin adara
17 - Salif Keita & Kante Manfila - Finzamba
18 - Mory Kante - finale


Imanuel said...

yeah ! Can't wait !!!

Anonymous said...

can't wait!!!!!
come on!please

the_down_Low said...


Anonymous said...

great stuff as usual! thank you

Anonymous said...

One of life's simple pleasures are driving with disco cranked up while i haphazardly discard plastic and styrofoam refuse out the window of my gas guzzling 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix

出張ホスト said...
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Whatjazz said...

Great compilation!

jason said...

i can't downloasd :( can you fix the link,

also i'm djing nye on the beach in thailiand would love

Rena Scott - We can make it better

can you please send me mp3 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!