05 December 2009

Given the justified success of the previous post I will go on with with the 70s Divas series

Nancy Wilson's name naturally shows up in the 70s ladies hall of fame

I chose I'm in love, a splendid track from her 1978 Lp Music on my mind on Capitol, a rather hard to find record, never released on CD.

This track is deep, you will understand what I mean as of the intro, which is itself a amazing piece to sample...

freshly ripped on Accuphase 1978 hifi system into mp3 320k


(to download click on the arrow on the right bar below "info")


Anonymous said...

Amazing killer track, never heard it before!


Mikko said...

yeah, this is really some funky stuff.

Cheers from Finland!

Anonymous said...

Great find! Big thanks from Virginia Beach, Virginia U.S.A.