26 March 2010


This week Obama had a major reform passed on the American Congress, a reform that will change the balance of power between the people and a greedy insurance system, unwilling to assume any risk inherent to the business. Obama definitely entered in History by achieving this, following a social trend iniciated in the 60s (Medicaid, 1964) and the 70s.

To celebrate in a 70s Disco mood I propose this superb track from Ullanda McCullough, from the out of print 1980 album she did backed by Ashford&Simpson. As you can expect, arrangements are explosive and sweet at the sametime, I just love this sound...

Ullanda McCullough, Bad Company (1980), mp3 320kbps (vinyl rip)

(Note that I upgraded some elements of my HiFi system, the sound is even better now)


ImanuelCortez said...

yyyuhuuuu now it goes - aweasome"

Basto said...


Very nice track ^^

your blog is excellent. Bravo. We too have a blog. Specializing in music ... Soul Funk and Disco like you. Do you have a link exchange with us?

Best regard


alex said...
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