26 September 2010

Mongo Santamaria is one of the funkiest 70s conguero ever.

In 1978, he did one of the best move in his career by teaming up with William Allen, genius producer of Roy Ayers infamous Don't stop the feeling.

The result is a superb crossover of latin, funk and disco as only the 70s could give birth.

See by yourself with this amazing track.

Mongo Santamaria
Hey you sexy thing
from the album A la Carte, 1978


T-Bird said...

actually, the thing mongo was known for was his *conga* playing. he might have also played piano (he composed "afro blue") but he was known as a "conguero."

Mr B said...

t-bird: you are 100% right, I don't know why my keyboard had me write "pianist"... thanks

lecolhector said...

I like brass and chorus a lot

Anonymous said...

Why is there no download link?