30 October 2010

Hi Folks

So far I never posted any video on the blog. I will start today and will break the rule twice, as the video I want you to watch is not 70s focused, although it is related to the 70s indirectly.

This short documentary, sponsored by the fashion brand Diesel, was made by Orlando Von Einsiedel. It shows how skate is helping rebuild society in Kabul Afganistan. The topic and the images are incredibly powerful and beautiful.

We tend to forget that a simple thing as skating means freedom actually, and that what may seem leisure for us is a life saver for others. It's a deep message to remind us how we should enjoy simple things and cherish them. But also how we should share them with more people.

Skate was born in the 70s, and as an ocasional skater myself I felt this video had its place here

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