19 December 2010

Monster edit by RAY MANG from the superb Mangled Again Compilation.. Can anyone recognize the original sampled here? It is a hit, but I cannot locate it...

Ray Mang
Can't keep running


Mondo said...

I can't hear anything particularly except perhaps Can You Feel the Force?

Ps posted some festive treats from the old Hallmark TOTP albums here if you fancies a peep

captainjjb said...

a quick google gave me "is a re-edit of Final Edition - "Betcha Can't Love Just One (Can't Keep Running Away)".

But I've no idea if this is right coz I don't know the original.

Jay Negron said...

Yes it's Final Edition's "Bet You Can't Love Just One" from 1981---a 12" originally mixed by Tee Scott.
Check it out here: