31 March 2012

The more I know about 70s music, the more I love complex symphonic strings orchestrations... Mozart, Beethoven would have arranged soul or disco if they were alive in the 70s..

Check this gemm: McKinsey Jackson and Paul Riser, possibly 2 of the most prolific composers of the 70s, arranged this monster track by soul artist Angelo Bond, who only did one LP, good from A to Z (so why only one LP?? good must be always rare?)

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it too!


Angelo Bond - what's bad about feeling good (1975)



Anonymous said...

so great! thx

Anonymous said...

Cool! Thnks 4 sharing ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice one - thank you for taking the time to unearth these bygone treasures!

Anonymous said...

Nice one- thank you for taking the time and trouble to unearth these bygone treasures!

Elijah Walker-Young said...

I sampled a song from that album about 2 years ago! Please check out my video tutorial. I mentioned this blog in the description.