15 March 2007

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Hi folks. Brazil 70's sound is good, sure. But the 70's created DISCO too. I'm not talking about mainstream saturday night feverish disco, but rather about UNDERGROUND DISCO, mostly from NY or Chicago.
These sounds could have disappeared without the hard-core community of Disco lovers who endlessly track and revive rare and rarest tracks. Most worldwidely famous is Dimitri from Paris (I use to buy my vinyls at the same shop he usually drops a few notes, at Youri, in Paris), but there are many others : Joey Negro, Sean P, Al Kent, Dj Muro, Danny Krivit to name a few big names. The quest of these Djs/Historians : to track the rarest and funkiest disco 7" or 12", the ones you'd never hear in your life considering the few copies in the world. Most of these tracks never met success for being released by tiny local labels, despite their amazing grooves and Dance spirit.

This compilation by the mighty Al Kent is the only out-of-print volume of the amazing serie called "Disco Demands", and this is why I post it. Full of gemms, many wisely re-edited by super-talended Disco doctor Al Kent himself.
The 2 other volumes are the bomb too, you can get them on cd at www.milliondollardisco.com or www.dustygroove.com

Million dollar disco presents
Disco demands vol.1
A collection fo rare 1970's dance music

1 Mr. Q Party Party
2 Quango Soljering On
3 Harold Butler & The Connection Gold Connection
4 Althea Forest & Togetherness Hey Mister (Instrumental)
5 The Sandpebbles of Barbados Suntan
6 The Chocolate city Connection Take The Music To The Party
7 Curtis How Can I Tell Her (12 Inch Mix)
8 Puff In The Mood
9 J.D.V. and Friends Disco Beat
10 Frequency Loosen Up
11 OMNI Disco Socks
(Al's Instrumental Edit)

enjoy loudly at 320kbps :
file deleted by AL KENT request


clic said...

good post.

Thanks a million.

Francesco said...

great post!

also vol 3 is out of print, could be a great idea
post it!

g. said...

me oh my!

per said...

Really nice post! (But why such overkill in the encoding? I personally can't tell the difference as long as there's more than 1 meg per minute...)

Al Kent said...

Hi - can you take the Disco Demands files down please.

Mr B said...


are you sure you want the file down??

come on.. this is more an honour to you than an insult to post this OUT OF PRINT compilation.

this compilation goes for high prices as the pieces on it. The idea here is to give access to good music to people who can't afford it. Not everybody can spend money on a compilationlike this as I did for this one.. I beg you to reconsider your query here, for the sake of Disco in the name of all the people who cant have access to rare stuff for money reason

tell us

Al Kent said...

Of course I want you to take it down! I am in the process of building an MP3 shop on milliondollardisco, which will feature all our releases, including the ones you are posting for free...

Mr B said...

File deleted, I ignored you mp3 online plans, that i think a great enterprise.

keep disco alive !

likedeeler said...

@ per: hmm, this means you're probably half deaf. or listen to your music on tin cans ;].

@ mr b: keep it up and thanks for this amazing record. and, of course, for the decent bitrate! anything less than 320 for mp3 is completely insufficient if you wanna listen to it loud.

@ al kent: ok, i'm not too sure if you're doing yourself a favour with this. good luck with your webshop anyway!

Anonymous said...

Nice puffy nins on the cover.

Anonymous said...

Well, one year later...has Al opened up this shop? I'm dying to see if Loosen Up is a track I've been looking for, for eons.

flageolette said...
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