28 February 2009

Hi everybody, today I just finished to upgrade my recording toys, new Ortofon Red cartridge, new Tascam US-144 USB sound recording DAC, new Monster cables too. The result is good I think, and I would like to get your advice!

As a sample, here is a vinyl ripped track from a superb project made in France, called Motown flies to Jamaica. The concept : reggae covers of Motown finest sounds. The result is stunning. I heard that this is 100% bootleg, made with acapella tapes then overdubbed.

My guess : how these guys managed to get so many acapella tapes? I suspect Motown to be behind this project, and create the buzz... Anyway, I love both concepts...

Check by yourself

Martha and King Storm
Motown to Jamaica vol.2

Please feedback on sound quality..


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

great .

K said...

The sound quality's awesome, and the tune is even more so - this is getting busted out next time I have a party.

somogyvari said...

Great quality!! wow
and really great song

Anonymous said...

want more!

Anonymous said...

uhm! well. sorry to say so but:
quality is allright. you definetely archive a better soundquality by using a good system.
it's all not worth it if you then
use a "cheap" converter.
convert it to MP3.

sorry. but if you wanna archive
good quality you should use .wav =)

thanks anyway.

Mr B said...

Hi anonymous

about mp3 : I use LAME, the best mp3 converter

about .wav :

you may be right, but only if you have a top top audio equipment that lets you sense the audio difference. I have about 4K€ (from cables and preamp to speakers) worth of equipment and believe me I don't notice it..not even on headphones. I don't want to hurt your feelings but I am sure you would fail a blind test...

anyway, you still have the option to go to your record store and get you the music I post online... in wav.

flageolette said...

Thanks Mr.B.

and @ Nymous on quality..
You're Lame :)
Mr.B. is a passionate "expert"..
LAME- Extractions will hopefully destroy your ignorance on this matter..
All with a pinch of salt of course..

Many Thanks B!!

flageolette said...

Aah,OK, soundquality is the topic..,

Well,let me share my humble knowledge about this,regarding the MP3 Format as a practising Musician,producer and listening/dancing enjoyer of music..

A 320 Frauenhofer Extraction sounds mostly better than a WAV Extraction,

The main reason for this is that the power-consuming amplifiers and the Big P.A. Speakersystem are most likely to suffer/waste/distort energy in producing 20-to 100 Herz Frequencies ,which leaves the audible result lacking of midrange-high freq. definition..

My 2 Cents,

flageolette said...

Also as for "quality"

Any nice,appealing music sounds even great on a tiny Single speaker AM Radio
Ask your (Grand) parents..for confirmation about this.. :)

Enjoy the gift that life is,


Anonymous said...

Hi, great sound quality! Enjoy your new toys ;-)

Great track, any idea where I could find the whole album, just to hear it before buying it ;-)

BB said...

a mirror, perhaps?

Mr B said...

Anonymous : the lp is HARD to find, this is why you came to my blog to have a taste... I will keep on posting the bests tracks in my future comps

stay tuned


AssEClark said...

Great interpertion of a classic, please post some more tracks : )
sound Quality is great.

Erwin said...

The sound quality is great - and the tune is given new life with the reggae treatment. Everyone I've played it for seems to dig the new version.

aluvsupreme said...

Thanks for the post. It's lovely. I found the whole album here: http://jeckrootsdj.blogspot.com/2010/06/motown-flies-jamaica-vol2-2008.html. Enjoy.