01 March 2009

Great great news on the latin soul side again, definitely in the air among djs, dustymusic lovers and funky people from all over the world:

Vampi Soul, the super cool label from Spain has just released a new album by the absolute NY latin soul master from the 70s, Joe Bataan. 
His is backed here by the very funky Barcelona based band Los Fulanos who manage to deliver a true 70s feel to these revisited classic 70s gemms.

King of latin soul
Joe Bataan with Los Fulanos

do not count on me for downloads here, go and grab this great packaged cd and support publishing initiatives like this one


The Green Shroud said...


in June 2009 we're releasing 'Cocktails', an album haunted by the ghosts of Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Henry Mancini & Serge Gainsbourg, and served up with a modern electronic twist.

We were wondering if you would like a promotional copy, and if you would post a track or so on the blog if you liked it?

Can we submit this and press materials digitally?

Thanks for your time.

Mr B said...

Guys : with pleasure. Email me at soundsofthe70s@gmail.com and we discuss it