04 October 2009

Among the many genius music arrangers/composers/players of the 70s, who could as easily be involved in jazz projects as well as in disco ones, TOMMY STEWART stands very high.

Initially a music teacher, Tommy Stewart became famous thanks to his collaboration with Marlon McNichols and their Bump & Hustle disco hit.

The label Funky town grooves recently released a fantastic compilation of fully remastered disco/rare grooves tracks arranged and/or composed by TOMMY STEWART, from bands such as Cream de Coco, Hambone or the Spirit of Atlanta.

The sound of TOMMY STEWART is vey unique, a amazing blend of Disco/Rare Groove/Jazz/Soul/Blues, with many layers of the best American musical heritage from the 70s all sumed up in rich and soulful compositions.

Highly recommended compilation!

And to give you a taste of what TOMMY STEWART could do in 1973, here a killer track from the lp THE BURNING OF ATLANTA by the band THE SPIRIT OF ATLANTA formed around Tommy Stewart, on Buddah records. A real bomb I ripped from the re-issue LP.

I am using this new SoundCloud widget for the first time, I think it is really cool. You can download the track in its 320kbps format by clicking the right arrow.



Sly said...

Hey man, the widget worked fine and the sounds were retro-licious, but I think you may need to throw in a few line breaks around their code- it's showing waaay on the right.

I've actually been looking for a widget/service like this myself... I use box.net, but it can get tedious for posting single tracks.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll have to check out www.myspace.com/heathandmiller! Check out the single "Stereo Highway"

Anonymous said...

this post is very usefull thx!