31 October 2009

Hi folks. Today a brief post to pay tribute to one of the greatest 70s jazz funk band, Seawind. Among their discography, my favorite album is "Light the Light", 1979. Pauline Wilson´s voice has the perfect tone, pitch and color that define a 70s voice...

Judge by yourself with this superbly grooving jazz-funk track, that I rank definitely among my all time 70s favorite

I strongly recommend you to buy the full remastered album, easily affordable, it will fit perfectly in your 70s cd collection and your kids will be very happy to see a real cd in a few years, when boring mp3 will have erased them from earth...

Seawind - Sound Rainbom from the Light the Light album (download is on the right arrow) - mp3 320kbps

ps : the 300.000 visitors limit has been passed... thanks for sharing your apetite for 70s sound


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you about this album This was a surprise discover of mine in the 70s, and it turned out to be one of my favorite albums. "Follow your road" was sublime.

Thanks for the share,


zen said...

hi sir
will it be possible for you to email me the link for this album?
didn't get the chance to download it.

Mr B said...


this album not beingout of print I can't release it



PhatandPhunkie said...

Thanks for the share Mr B!

very good sound