07 February 2010

Many 70s artists became famous for the few hits that made the charts, leaving aside from airwaves and discos huge chuncks of their production. This somehow inevitable comercial approach of music, focused on hits, led to great results but also left in the dark very valid tracks that for some contextual reasons never succeed to become anthems. The hip-hop scene, in search of multi-million dollars worth loops, was the main responsible in the widescale 70s music digging that led to the revival of many b-sides and so far overlooked tracks.

This search for the not obvious / obscure good music from famous (or not) artists is one the motivation of this blog too.

To illustrate this, I picked this mega solid groove from Tata Vega, from the 1978 sadly never re-mastered Try my love LP, famous for "get it up for love" track. Motown legacy works at full power here, check the amazing background vocal (Patti Brooks, Brenda Russell) and Jermaine Jackson on the bass...

Tata Vega - Magic Feeling (1978)

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Anonymous said...

Man, that song is just a straight celebration! Thank you so much for posting it.