13 February 2010

Hi folks. Quick post, extract from this great 1976 RCA album by one of the greatest brazilian diva, Claudia, better known for here 1971 lp "Jesus Christo".
I picked a track that shows the very funky touch of this fabulous artist who always managed to get surrounded by edgy musicians.

My definition of Brasil funk.

Claudia - Ana cor de cana (1976) 320kbps


Álex Sampedro said...

Fantastic cut, thank you very much for all you updates, I love every one of them. Keep them coming! Greetings from Madrid.

verge said...

This is very dope. Thanks for posting it.

Subzero_funk said...

Any rapidshare links for this album?

Brilliant site btw!! Keep up the good work!

Mr B said...

This track is the best of the LP, no need to get the full LP

Anonymous said...

Wow whats the point of putting one song up, but thnx anyway.