27 February 2010

Splendid slow boogie track from the very nicely produced 1981 "What about us" LP by Champaign, a septet black&white band that only scored well with this album.

This song, with a higher pitch, has been sampled in hip hop on several ocasions.
Killer bass as you noticed (and ugly LP cover too...).

Champaign - I'm on fire (Columbia 1981) mp3 320kbps


DWIGHT said...

thanks alot !

Anonymous said...

WOW! This is a fabulous site! I just stumbled upon it! I love this song! Thank you, thank you! Not many sites out there where you can try before you 'buy'! :) Most sites make you download a whole album for a few good songs and it takes forever! On your site, I can get the songs I actually like and then make a compilation for my own listening pleasure! Again, thank you very much!

Drew Freeman, RPh said...

Where do I find complete albums like "How 'Bout Us"? If it's up on the internet somewhere I will d/l it for my ipod. The hit and the track that you posted seem great. I never went any further than buying the 45 in 1981.