17 March 2012

I love to undig forgotten and overlooked gems as you noticed. But what I love more is when someone gives these tracks a second life. I posted a few edits but good ones, like the Tod Terje takes on Crusaders, Chaka Khan but nothing is better when they are edits of track I pesonnally undigged on my blog..

So guess my joy when http://soundcloud.com/libra-music came up to me last week with a splendid edit of a super rare and obscure track I discovered many years ago from Brazilian artist Claudia. The original track is one of my all time favorite from the 70s, great dynamic, orchestration and deep brazilian voice, the perfect funky mix to me. The edit is superbe, putting the right emphasize where it is needed but not too much, keeping the original track feel untouched but also adding some more beat and energy for today's needs.

You can still find the original there: http://soundcloud.com/soundsofthe70sblogspot/claudia-ana-cor-de-cana-sounds-of-the-70s-blogspot, and the short note I then wrote: "My definition of funky brazil : Extract from this great 1976 RCA album by one of the greatest brazilian diva, Claudia, better known for here 1971 lp "Jesus Christo", a track that shows the very funky touch of this fabulous artist who always managed to get surrounded by edgy musicians."

Thanks Libra for your great great job, please keep on tapping into the tracks I posted for more edits !

Claudia - Ana cor de cana 1976 (Libra Discotheque edit)

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Anonymous said...

great one!!!!!!!!!thx a lot!