02 March 2012

My last JAZZ FUNK post was a hit... let's make better, this time with a touch of disco in it.

This is just AWESOME.... juge by yourself and comment if you liked

Wah Wah watson - Together (Whatever) 1976

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Oro said...


I have just joined your great blog. I am looking towards new members on mine (Oro)


I hope you will enjoy it
Best Regards


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've just added your blog to my favorites! I'm listening all the songs you have posted. Nice work and good research finding those songs.

I'm wonderings if you know about brazilian funk. I'm looking for songs that have the cuica sound (the instrument). I found only the City of God OST and that's all. Do you know brazilian artists from the 70's?



Anonymous said...

Awesome track - some great selections on this blog

Ouate_de_Phoque said...

Hi there!
I just need to say that, as a big jazz-funk sucker, I love this record.I found it after trying to locate everything in connection with Herbie Hancock, 70's style:So do you know the "Butterfly" LP by Kimiko Kasai (1979 with the Herbie clique, and my hero Paul Jackson), it shreds.


Mr B said...

Ouate : thanks for the tip, just bought it..