28 August 2008

Sounds of the 70s is back on the funky tracks!

Hope your summer 2008 was good and that you took time to think, away from the day-to-day buzz

I came back overbusy, so here is a brilliant commercial compilation (not home made), deleted and hard to find on the market. This compilation shows what many exiled Brazilian artists produced in the 70s, or inspired to French ones.

Brazilissimo, various artists - 12 unique tracks from the French scene 70'/80s

1. Nega De Obaluae - Erica Chiquinho Et Les Show Rio
2. Liberalia - Geminiani, Vincent
3. Ponteio - Trio Bonavita
4. Minorias - Maria, Marcia
5. Galaxie - Teca & Ricardo
6. Maracatu - Ney De Castro
7. Agua De Poco - De Souza, Amaro Ensemble
8. Makum Bahia - Wyzuj De Carvalho, Bruno
9. La Ville Est La - Aubret, Isabelle
10. Carcara - Barbosa, Zelia
11. La Nuit Des Masques - Barouh, Pierre & Dominique
12. Samba Novo (CD/bonus track) - Trio Bonavita

that will please my friends from Japan, big fans of France and Brasil.

enjoy and comment!

03 August 2008

Joe Bataan is one of the most talented Latin-Soul crooner from the 60/70´s
One of his best song is a cover of the Nina Simone To be young, gifted and brown song.

In this moment of political campaign in the USA, I could not help the direct reference to Barack Obama and share this amazing track:

Joe Bataan - Young, gifted and brown

For those who want to dig deeper, another amazing compilation (with comprehensive inliner notes and photos) from
FANIA remastered series