05 July 2009

Hi folks. Before going on holidays I would like to share this disco post with you. I have been a Disco fan for many years and have dig quite a lot into the genre. Disco is definitely something that sticks to you for ever, and for sure the best way to cheer up and Dance. The vast history of Disco is widely documented now but I am still amazed at how little tracks still "define" disco in the mainstream market. Some of the best Disco is very underground, and only diggers have access to it, though more and more compilations have helped undig many valuable hard-to-find tracks.
In this compilation I have packed 10 solid Disco/Funk tracks that stand well for the genre. Most Disco tracks have a deep message under the glossy surface: Share.

VERANO 76 (summer 76)

10 summer disco tracks to uncool the atmosphere (320kbps)

1- Orquesta Novel - Don't you worry about a thing
2- Bobby Sax - Caribbean Disco part I (1976)
3- Best Friend Around - It's good to know [Original 12" Mix]
4- Pete Warner -I Just Want To Spend My Life With You
5- Rozalin Woods - I trust you
6- JDeep - It's Watcha edit
7- Dynamic Sound - Staying alive
8- Delegation - Darlin' (I Think About You)
9- Ava Cherry - You never loved me
10- Earth, Wind & Fire - Step's Tune


Bobby Sax - Caribbean Disco part I (1976)

Dynamic Sound - Staying alive