30 January 2011

Heavy weight deep jazz-funk track from the 1976 LP "In a special way" by maestro Gene Harris.

Personnel list is impressive:

Gene Harris . piano
Chuck Rainey, Verdine White : bass
Harvey Mason : drums, percussion
James Gadson : drums
Myuto Correa, Phillip Bailey : percussion
John Rowin, Al McKay : electric guitar
Lee Ritenour : electric & acoustic guitar
Charlotte Politte : electric piano, synthesizer
Jerry Peters : electric piano, synthesizer, string emsemble
Azar Lawrence : tenor saxophone
George Bohannon : trombone
Sidney Muldrow, Marni Robinson : french horn
Ed Green : violin (on 4)

Gene Page - Theme for Relana (1976)
Accuphase 1979 /Tascam vinyl rip

16 January 2011

Superb instrumental version of this legendary 70s track. Many nice loops here!

Smiling Faces Sometimes" is a soul song written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong for the Motown label. The song was originally recorded by The Temptations in 1971. Producer Norman Whitfield had the song re-recorded by The Undisputed Truth the same year, resulting in a number-three Billboard Hot 100 position for the group. "Smiling Faces" was the only Top 40 single released by the Undisputed Truth, and was included on their debut album The Undisputed Truth.

Bobbi Humphrey - Similing faces sometimes

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08 January 2011

Sweet and funky, from 1978 debut LP by Rachel Sweet.

Another highly sampled track.

Rachel Sweet - It's so different (1978)

06 January 2011

I know this is a mega classic (from 1981), but it is still SO GOOD time after time (especially when re-edit) that it deserved a post

Chaka Khan - Fate 1981 (todd Terje edit)

05 January 2011

Amazing video telling the story of the greatest studio of 70s music history: