30 January 2010

I ran across a fantastic re-edit of all time 70s disco classic "Ring my bell" by Anita Ward while surfing in the SoundCloud network. Behind this great revival is Laurie (a.k.a Laurie Laptop) a dj/musician/producer from Manchester who strangely seems to be more into ambient/electro than disco music...

I encourage you to encourage him to keep on re-editing disco!
Listen and you will understand why...

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The 70s are a bottomless pit of musical gemms, as shows this spectacular and unexpected compilation made in Japan on the roots of Scandinavian soul jazzfunk and boogie. The land of Abba and its neighbours was also home of one the finest musicians in jazz, soul, a background that for sure explains the quality of today's music from this scene.

I chose a track by former Abba guitarist Lasse Wellander who delivers a solid jazzfunk piece from 1976, miles away from his disco imprints.

Extract: Lasse Wellander - hotel 167 (1976)

05 January 2010

To start the year well, here is my proposal

From the 1975 RCA rarest LP of this east cost blues/soul artist, a precious hard-to-dig funky gemm that I love from A to Z, intro, clavinet, chorus, horns...

Rory Block - Lovin'of your life (RCA 1975)

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Hi folks and happy new year to you all.

In 2010 I hope to be able to bring to you nice 70s tracks, hand-picked and hand-ripped. The 70s is a huge cellar of nice funky track to uplift us and make us relax, to face the so many calamities that the world is facing.

I hope 2010 will bring REAL change, not the sort of cosmetic ones that we have seen so far, especially regarding the banking and financial sector.
These guys have to PAY, some heads must roll, fast.