26 August 2011

let's go back to work in a good mood... here is my treat for you guys : a sublime pumped-up edit of this classic track from the all-time favorite THE CRUSADERS lp STREET LIFE of 1979

the editing job is just awsome, I wish there were more edits of this quality around..

The Crusaders - My Lady (Todd Terje edit) 1979

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07 August 2011

Monster early 80s funk track to enlight your summer

Zalmac - Dreamin (1982)

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Ultracool and funky track by Joao Bosco, one of the biggest 70s Brasilian composer

Joao Bosco - Cobra Criada (1979)

06 August 2011

Sunbear - Let Love Flow For Peace (1977)

Splendid soft funk track, full of amazing loops!