23 July 2011

One of my all time favorite track, by Arthur Verocai Brazilian 70s god

Arthur Verocai - Presente Grego (1972)

22 July 2011

Trippy cover, but super good boogaloo !
Also appeared in compilation Big Ol Bag o Boogaloo

Latin blues band - Take a trip

Summer 1974 in NY city... do you feel it? "Electric" latin funk at its best

Cortijo & his time machine - La Verdad (1974)

17 July 2011

Super cool disco funk rock by Earl Young (MFSB, Salsoul drummer)
Ripped with Accuphase HIFI 1979 equipment

The Atlanta Disco Band - I am trying (1975)

When latin NY funky latin 70s vibes meet rock'n'roll !

Bobby Valentin - Good lovin' (fania records)

Kicking boogaloo track from the ultra hard to find ON TOP Lp by Mongo Santamaria.

Mongo Santamaria - Puchi's boogaloo (Fania records)

16 July 2011

Pure late 60s NY funky latin groove !

Kako & his orchestra - Live it up (1967)

05 July 2011

Super lovely duet by 70s master Norman Connors

Norman Connors - Anyway you want (1980)