22 May 2010

Do you recognize the intro? If not, then I know for sure that you never listened to any EBONY disco mixes... Great track from this RCA soul band rare LP, under the command of genius 70s arranger and composer BERT DE COTEAUX (The one behind Marlena Shaw much acclaimed and downloaded "Think about me" track I posted earlier).

Rhythm - Are you ready for this RCA (1976)
Orginal vinyl rip - 320 kbps EAC mp3

08 May 2010

As you noticed I am hooked up on Divas... so let's keep on with the serie since I can see that I am not the only one here in this mood

Let me present you Merry Clayton, most famous for being the other part of the Rolling Stone Gimme Shelter duet with Mick Jagger in 1969.

The track I suggest today is a cover of a classic Bob Dylan composition, but as you will see, in a splendid soul rendering, from her great 1975 Keep your eyes on the Sparrow Lp.

This LP and the other 3 are availble on itunes by the way. Emotions and her 1971 albums are fantastic too.

Merry Clayton
Rainy day women # 12 & 35 (1975)
Orginal vinyl rip - 320 kbps EAC mp3

enjoy and share your comments

01 May 2010

A brief post for a great track from Jerry Butler in a much more Disco Funk than usual, surely because of the presence of Michael Sutton on the composing. Great piece of 70s music!

Jerry Butler - I don't want nobody to know (Motown 1976)
Original Accuphase system vinyl ripping & 320 EAC kbps mp3