30 September 2010

Hi folks. I gathered here some nice piece of 70s music to warm your home (and soul) now that cold is coming. I am listening a lot of soul jazz lately, some nuggets are included here. I hope you will enjoy this set and the cover.

Sounds of the 70s present
a compilation for home and soul

1 - Eddie Harris - That Is Why You're Overweight (Soul jazz)
2- Gwen McCrae - I Got Nothing To Lose But The Blues (Soul)
3- The Dynamic Superiors - Leave It Alone (Soul)
4- Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Show Us a Feeling (Soul jazz)
5- Alton McClain & Destiny - Sweet temptation (Disco)
6- George Soule - Get Involved (Soul)
7- The 107th Street Stickball Team - Tell her I love her Latin (Boogaloo)
8- Cal Tjader - Gimme Shelter (Soul jazz)
9- Horace Silver - The Jody Grind (Soul jazz)
10- Dizzy Gillespie & Lalo Schifrin - Wrong Number (Soul jazz)
11- George Duke - Bring It On Home (Jazz - Funk)
12- Charles Earland - Asteroid (Soul jazz)

* *

Teaser from the SOUNDSOFTHE70S INTERIOR GROOVES compilation.
I love this track from the monster intro to the chorus, so funky...

Eddie Harris
This is why you're overweight (1976)

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26 September 2010

Mongo Santamaria is one of the funkiest 70s conguero ever.

In 1978, he did one of the best move in his career by teaming up with William Allen, genius producer of Roy Ayers infamous Don't stop the feeling.

The result is a superb crossover of latin, funk and disco as only the 70s could give birth.

See by yourself with this amazing track.

Mongo Santamaria
Hey you sexy thing
from the album A la Carte, 1978

17 September 2010

Jimmy Ruffin

Too busy to think about my baby (Motown 1966)

fantastic pure Motown sound from 1966, inicitally issued under another title ("i know how to love her"), and then sung by Jimmy Ruffin's brother David Ruffin, lead singer of the Temptations... Majors tricks..

Composed by Norman Whitfield and Barett Strong, no less.

I love the intro... pure genius

12 September 2010

I read this today on MSNBC website:

"WASHINGTON — The number of people in the U.S. who are in poverty is on track for a record increase on President Barack Obama's watch, with the ranks of working-age poor approaching 1960s levels that led to the national war on poverty (...) some 45 million people in this country, or more than 1 in 7, were poor last year"

I love the 60s and 70s but how sad is it to see that the U.S. has lost 40 years when it comes to wealth distribution... because this is the real problem in the U.S., there is money, but it is still way too much concentrated in the super-rich hands.

11 September 2010

Incredible rendition of this 70s composition, to my opinion one of the deepest ever written in the decade.

The original song was composed by Leonard Caston and Terri McFaddin and included in their one and only Motown LP in 1974 (great LP by the way). I recommend listening to the original before or after listetning to this version. Original track can be heard here

This track is well know to disco afficionados thanks to the New York Community Choir disco cover, first re-issued in the legendary DISCO SPECTRUM vol.2 compilation

Maria Muldaur - I'll keep a light at my window
Southern winds 1978

ps: Soundcloud counter shows more than 55.000 plays... soundsofthe70s circle of partisans is growing!

05 September 2010

Today on the menu another Soul Jazz gemm, by guitarist Howard roberts, from his 1967 LP Jaunty jolly & guilty.

The theme is Walk Tall, written by Joe Zawinul while playing in the Cannonball Aderley Quintet.

Amazing theme, absolute groove.

Howard Roberts
Walk tall - 1967