26 November 2011

I discovered this track in the early 90s in London, a golden era in its own when the best DJs were starting to dig hard into the 70s music and revive it

This is a 70s soul jazz / free soul anthem that needs little comment, dated 1969

John Klemmer - Free Soul (1969)

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12 November 2011

Initially released by the Yarbirds in 1965, this song was covered in 1978 by Chilly, a German Euro-Disco band.

Among the 00's edits made out of it, I find this one pretty good

Chilly - for your love (1978) - OOFT simple edit

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04 November 2011

Splendid recent cover of this JORGE BEN (Brasil all time greatest singer / composer) track

Rosalia de Souza (2009) - Carolina Carol Bela (Jorge ben 1975)