30 April 2011

Incredibly funky track from High Inergy for MOTOWN, 1979, from their 3rd and best LP

High Inergy - Voulez vous (Gordy Mortown 1979)
Original vinyl rip mp3 320kpbs

29 April 2011

Slow boogie as I love it.... deep and stirring !

From genius Grey & Hanks, 2 legendary composers who defintely left their groovy imprint in the 70s music landscape !

Candy Bowman covered the track the same year.

Grey & Hanks - I'm calling on you (1981)

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20 April 2011

Monster RAW soul by Soul Diva Gloria Jones, more famous for her Tainted Love hit.

Gloria Jones - Tin Can people (1973)

Sounds of the 70s.blogspot, authority in authenticity

17 April 2011

As you may hav noticed in my blog, I have a huge collection of Brazilian 70s music. I will start posting some of my all time favorite track from Brazil, I hope you will enjoy them as I do.

This track is from a very very obscure band, performing for the OST of a "novela" movie from the 70s

A Tribo - Sei la (Tema de Maria)
from the OST Assim na terra como no ceu (1971)

02 April 2011

Extract from this unsual and great compilation gathering 70s funk and library themes from Spain

Marquez - Melao (1977)

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