31 October 2009

Hi folks. Today a brief post to pay tribute to one of the greatest 70s jazz funk band, Seawind. Among their discography, my favorite album is "Light the Light", 1979. Pauline Wilson´s voice has the perfect tone, pitch and color that define a 70s voice...

Judge by yourself with this superbly grooving jazz-funk track, that I rank definitely among my all time 70s favorite

I strongly recommend you to buy the full remastered album, easily affordable, it will fit perfectly in your 70s cd collection and your kids will be very happy to see a real cd in a few years, when boring mp3 will have erased them from earth...

Seawind - Sound Rainbom from the Light the Light album (download is on the right arrow) - mp3 320kbps

ps : the 300.000 visitors limit has been passed... thanks for sharing your apetite for 70s sound

04 October 2009

Among the many genius music arrangers/composers/players of the 70s, who could as easily be involved in jazz projects as well as in disco ones, TOMMY STEWART stands very high.

Initially a music teacher, Tommy Stewart became famous thanks to his collaboration with Marlon McNichols and their Bump & Hustle disco hit.

The label Funky town grooves recently released a fantastic compilation of fully remastered disco/rare grooves tracks arranged and/or composed by TOMMY STEWART, from bands such as Cream de Coco, Hambone or the Spirit of Atlanta.

The sound of TOMMY STEWART is vey unique, a amazing blend of Disco/Rare Groove/Jazz/Soul/Blues, with many layers of the best American musical heritage from the 70s all sumed up in rich and soulful compositions.

Highly recommended compilation!

And to give you a taste of what TOMMY STEWART could do in 1973, here a killer track from the lp THE BURNING OF ATLANTA by the band THE SPIRIT OF ATLANTA formed around Tommy Stewart, on Buddah records. A real bomb I ripped from the re-issue LP.

I am using this new SoundCloud widget for the first time, I think it is really cool. You can download the track in its 320kbps format by clicking the right arrow.