11 September 2009

Let´s resume this year with another multi-flavored 70s compilation. The title and the cover are a tribute to all the 70s designer that made the design of what is now called the "space age" period, were metacrylate, polyester, ABS, PP and many other plastics were about to replace natural components thanks to their ability to adapt in form to any designer wet dream. The period was in that field too a burst of creativity that I invite you to explore.

Despite the title this compilation is not a "space music" compilation, a 70s sub-genre that I find rather boring actually. The mix here is richer, from the usual musical horizons that this blog embraces, from disco, soul, lounge or boogaloo.

another round-the-globe trip in 70s motions

1 Harvey Averne - Don't Let Me Down
2 Roberto Delgado - Corcovado
3 Juliette Gréco Die - Gammlerin
4 Minako Yoshida - Rainbow Sea Line
5 A Tribo - Sei la (Tema de Maria Lucia)
6 Claudia Frente - Fria
7 Jackie Moore - Just to be with you
8 Tavares - Positive Forces
9 Horace Family - God Will Dry My Weeping Eyes
10 Frank Wilson - Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
11 Kool & The Gang - Rated X
12 Louie Ramirez - Love It Up
13 J.Costanzo & G. Woo - Green Onions
14 The Har-You Percussion Group - Tico

ps: the picture shows one of the most amazing 70s house ever made, called a "bulle" (bubble) by 70s French genius architect Jean Maneval. These houses were comisioned in the early 70s by the French national oil company for a kids summer camp in the south of France. For sure they wanted to convert these kids to the new 70s materials and the new way of living as young as possible.. Maybe they played loud disco in these too?