14 November 2009

Among 70s divas, Marlena Shaw stands high. Her out of print Just a Matter of Time LP (1976) is a shiny demonstration of her talent.

I thought I needed to share this opinion with this splendid track, Think about me, which I discovered in a Dj Muro mix recently. Definitely splendid.

Marlena Shaw - think about me (1976)
Accuphase original LP rip, 320kbps mp3 Lame encoding

enjoy (to download click on the arrow on the right bar below "info")

07 November 2009

Hi folks, tonight being saturday, this post has to be Disco. 2 Euro Disco tracks "au menu". Although I am not a big fan of this genre I noticed that Euro Disco is gaining more and more atention in the Dj community:

1- Gipsy, by Number One Ensemble, from their 1980 unique and rare Lp Gipsylon. Great keyboards and guitar, great energy here.

2- You keep me hangin'on (1978), by Pado&Co, from Cerrone Label Malligator, featuring Cerrone on the drums. This track is long but it works well like that, and you can always shorten it... Cerrone's touch at its best here, not too "porn/coke disco"...

Both tracks ripped from vinyl with Accuphase Hi-Fi sound system, I hope that nobody will complain about the sound...