12 December 2009

Sounds of the 70s Christmas compilation is ready to go!..

I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I did gathering these 15 great tracks as a tribute to all the 70s divas who, like diamonds, are eternal.

1 Brenda Russel - A little bit of love
2 Phyllis Hyman - If You Ever Change Your Mind
3 Rena Scott - We can make it better
4 Donna Washington - Going for the glow
5 Patti York - He's comin' in the morning
6 Betty Wright - Smother Me With Your Love
7 Margaret & Carol - He's my Guy
8 Inez Foxx - Let Me Down Easy
9 Zulema - I love you baby
10 Mary Wells and Motown-Jamaica - My guy
11 Diane Tell - Les Mauvais Numero
12 Doris Monteiro - Regra tres
13 Zaira - Fogo de palha
14 Simone - Para Lennon e McCartney
15 Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco - Quimbara


05 December 2009

Given the justified success of the previous post I will go on with with the 70s Divas series

Nancy Wilson's name naturally shows up in the 70s ladies hall of fame

I chose I'm in love, a splendid track from her 1978 Lp Music on my mind on Capitol, a rather hard to find record, never released on CD.

This track is deep, you will understand what I mean as of the intro, which is itself a amazing piece to sample...

freshly ripped on Accuphase 1978 hifi system into mp3 320k


(to download click on the arrow on the right bar below "info")